Am I helping myself?

I have been in transition since the first part of 2011. The transition is from the Bead Dreamer to Charlene Sevier Jewelry. It really started in June 2010 when I first said out loud the words “I might want to change from being the Bead Dreamer.” Those words were immediately followed by thoughts like I’m the Bead Dreamer on Twitter and my website is the Bead Dreamer, and it’s here and it’s there. Way too many places to change. And I had poured my heart and soul into the Bead Dreamer. For a long time. How could I walk away?

Events unfolded and the thought came back stronger. I felt limited by the Bead Dreamer name. I wanted to do more than bead jewelry. I also wanted to establish an aesthetic for my jewelry that was consistent. That felt like me.

So, I established and set about making a Big Cartel site. I found a theme that felt more like where I wanted to head and set up the site. After a few months, I decided to set up shop on Etsy. I decided to go to Etsy because of how social the site was. I felt isolated on Big Cartel. Then I felt bad because I spent time and money on Big Cartel and just walked away from it.

After a while I realized that I needed the Big Cartel site as a stepping stone, as a way to begin the transition. And if it served a purpose that helped me, then it was not a waste. But I still had the Bead Dreamer website and my blog and twitter. I had just started on Facebook and did not have 100 likes yet so I was able to change the name to Charlene Sevier Jewelry.

I found Craft Launch which allowed me to redirect visitors from the Bead Dreamer to Etsy. But that redirect made my blog link break so I needed help from the Craft Launch folks to get another redirect in place so my blog worked. Is this sounding complicated? It makes me tired to write about it.

So, do I help myself by completely letting the Bead Dreamer go? The blog, the website, all of it. And blog here with no hosting, no redirects. I think I have to look at it from the perspective of how will I feel a year from now, when everyone is linking to the new blog, when the trauma of another change is behind me. When things are a lot more simple. At this moment, I also have to ask the question – do I still want to blog?

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