Frustrated and Clearing

I am frustrated and I think I’ve been frustrated for a long time. There has just been so much noise and clutter and stuff going on that the feeling has been squashed down. Like trying to shove way too many clothes into a suitcase.

My son’s bedroom furstrates me (stuff I put in there). The room where I shoot my jewelry photos frustrates me. Where I work (or plan to work) on enamels frustrates me. The dining room frustrates me. The stuff you see in the picture frustrates me.

This stuff has been in a shoe box that has been getting in my way and getting on my nerves for a long time. It contains experimental pieces that didn’t work out. A partially done piece of beadwork that I will never finish. I probably started it for the wrong reason and am not interested in fininshing it. Keeping it changes nothing. Pieces I made that I don’t want to wear or sell. Pieces I made that need to be taken apart.

The amount of stuff and clutter is driving me nuts. Some of it is because things had to be moved around because of the flood and plumbing problems and repairs. And some of it is because I have just continued to push trying to get “more stuff done” when what I needed to do was clear things out. Make room. Make space. So that is what I am doing today.

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One Response to Frustrated and Clearing

  1. artsy.sciencey says:

    Hi Charlene.
    I know the feeling, far too exactly. I’ve been working for a long time on clearing stuff out, making space for the right stuff, finding room to breathe. But it’s challenging. The sheer amount of stuff (whether it’s actual or psychological) makes it hard….so many decisions that need to be made (Should I keep it? Where do I keep it? Should I toss it/donate it/give it away?) and so much emotion around them (But I spent so much money on it. But it was a gift. But I used to use it all the time.).
    Keep plugging away at it. It gets better (but needs vigilance). Realizing that “keeping it changes nothing” is a huge insight….and one that I should incorporate into my decluttering efforts.


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