slick + slimy

This is part of my work bench. One thing that has been bothering me is that my bench anvil (yes, it is a circle) is not held down so when I hammer things, it moves all over the place. I had almost been thinking about gouging out a circle in the bench just to keep the durn thing still.

I mentioned this to Chris yesterday and he went into the garage, found a piece of wood and cut out a circle in it. It pushes up against the back of the bench so it stays still. Pretty slick.

Then I look at it and see something shiny.

Me: “Did a slug walk on this wood?”

Him: “I don’t think so.”

Me: Pointing. “Well what is that shiny trail there?”


Him: “Something else?”

Truth it, it works really well. Other truth, slug slime washes off. Funny how he is so completely unfazed by something that I find horrific.

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One Response to slick + slimy

  1. Actually it was quite a bit of sanding, though it cleaned up nicely. Glad it is working, now go smash some metal!

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