Right here, right now…

This is what I am looking at as I sit here tonight. It has been quite a week. The plumbing problems are behind us; all of the pipes have been replaced. But the dust from the drywall repairs has plucked my last nerve. I’ve been upstairs all week while Chris worked hard on it. He is such a dear, working on it after a hard day at work, covered in drywall dust. He did an amazing job and it feels good to look at the space as if nothing ever happened.

This particular view or my work table, my pliers, my pencils, scissors and assorted stuff means a lot to me because it means I am out of exile (OK exile was a room upstairs). I am back at my work table. While I was in exile, I spent my time as productively as I could. But I couldn’t make any jewelry and I was starting to feel evil. Hey, the creative spirit needs to be free.

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