Incremental Improvement or Big Bang?

I have been taking jewelry photos for years now. First really horrific ones. And when I say horrific, I mean retina burning, mind bendingly awful bad terribleness. Purchasing a light box was a huge step towards improvement. I spent a Saturday with my camera trying to learn the settings (gasp – moving away from auto), putting a little piece of paper in the photo with the camera settings I was using and then finding what worked.

The photos got better. I learned to work with angles, and truthfully feel like I’ve tried a million different backgrounds. It’s gotten better. Recently I thought I had it figured out. I didn’t. I then thought this is one of those continuous improvement things. I’ll make it a little bit better this go round, and a little bit better the next.

And then I thought, what about making another leap. Not a baby step, but a leap. Take the time to understand apeture, lighting, and all of the stuff that makes my eyes glaze over when I see articles about photography on the internet. What about just plain taking the time? Maybe it is time for a leap.

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