Resin Bug

I’ve been bitten by the resin bug. I’ve been seeing all of the gorgeous jewelry people are making with it, and of course I wanted to do it too. I resisted because I also read on people’s blogs about a lot of problems they had with it – bubbles, clouding, not curing, etc. And so figuring I already had enough stuff around here that I needed to learn how to work with, I kinda wasn’t interested in adding one more – especially one with a reputation for being temperamental.

But… It is part of the online class I am taking with Deryn Mentock and she has guided me and the rest of the class through it and we are all doing quite well. Not that there haven’t been some casualties. I’ve poured two batches of resin so far. The first batch did not cure properly and I realized it was because you have to pour at least one half of the little cups for it to cure. This does not make sense to me, but apparently it is true.

I was able to pour some of the resin from the second batch over the first batch. The resin is supposed to self-level. Well apparently it does over other stuff but not over another layer of resin. I pushed it to the edges with a popsicle stick. I haven’t had much trouble with bubbles. Out of several pieces, I think there are one or two with bubbles. Lint is another issue. A tiny speck of lint looks like a giant fault line marring the otherwise pristine surface of your piece. It’s easiest to get them out with a pin if you catch them right after you pour it. So, is this sounding temperamental?

I also had issues with my ink jet images bleeding in some places despite a couple of coats of sealant. I ‘ll have to experiment some more there too. Or take stuff to Office Max and get color copies run.

These are my first attempt at making resin paddle thingys. I did about six of them. There was one casualty and the rest are usable. It might be temperamental, but you can make jewelry you otherwise could not without it. It’s worth it to be able to tell the customer – it can stand up to all the rain, sweat or anything else and will not yellow. I’ve heard pieces have been run through the dishwasher to test it and came out fine. I guess you don’t get that kind of tough without some effort.

I love my Jamaica and Honduras earrings! Onward to batch three!

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