Coming Together

I am beginning to feel that things are starting to come together for me creatively. I took a lot of classes last year and then had trouble using some of the new skills. It’s like it was too much in too little time and I needed more time to digest, to let things percolate and simmer.

Or if I did use a new technique, it felt compartmentalized in my head and I didn’t use it with other techniques. Like – oh I’m off to work with tin, so I have to make a tin piece. Just tin. It wouldn’t also have enamel or etching or whatever.

I think it is starting to sort itself out now. One thing that has helped me is learning to not get so nervous or anxious when I run into a problem. Working with new stuff, you are going to run into problems, break stuff, ruin stuff, have mini disasters. I have learned to calm down about it and look at it as a problem to be solved. Instead of being so anxious, I spend time figuring out what to do next, what to try, how to attack it differently.

And the techniques are starting to come together. Like food on a plate that previously didn’t want to touch, they are actually deciding that being soup or salad might be a good idea. I’m starting to use some of the stuff I bought and then didn’t know what to do with it. I don’t mind having stuff if I use it. Stuff that sits around and collects dust, different story. In fact, if there was a theme to this year for me, it is the year of using what I have and taking it as far as I can. And getting some of that soup served up.

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2 Responses to Coming Together

  1. Jackie says:

    Hi Charlene, I’m so where you described. I took one class and loved it, I was on fire creating pieces. Some of those pieces are in limbo awaiting inspiration. I took another class and I seem to have totally stalled. I hate that I just can’t get going. My Muse has gone on vacation. I’m hoping to get to where you are at some point…like tomorrow!! I love reading your posts.

    • Jackie,

      I understand and it’s frustrating – you spend time and money on a class, plus the supplies, let’s not forget them, and it’s something you really want to do and you take the class and then nothing (crickets chirping). It has taken time but I feel myself moving out of it. Continuing to work anyway helps a bunch. Sending warm wishes that your muse finds its way home pronto!

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