Caged Heart

I bought these little cages from Ornamentea. I love Ornamentea. I bought them because I was enchanted by them and then once I had them I didn’t know what to do with them. Happens. I didn’t want whatever I put inside to fall out and I really didn’t want the little latch to come undone and my customer have a broken piece of jewelry. So they sat. And sat.

And one day, don’t know what I was doing, but this scroll heart and the little cage ended up close enough together to each other for me to have the – what if – moment. Once that happened, I was determined to find a way to make it work.

I’ll give you the short version cause I know you have stuff to do too. In reality, this took a few tries, wrong turns, etc. Here we go. I put the three red bead inside the cage and they moved and rattled around. Not good. So I made a bottom floor out of a piece of brass and drilled a hole in the center. I glued the brass floor to the bottom of the cage.

Then I took the three beads, put them on a head pin and wrapped a piece of masking tape around them so they would stay straight and put them in the cage. I took a long head pin (one I made) and slid it through the little opening at the top of the cage – I needed a tiny heishi because the opening was big enough that the head pin would slip through.

I slid the head pin through the heishi, through the three masking tape wrapped beads, through the bottom floor, and made a loop to hold the heart. I pulled the masking tape off the three red beads. The result – secure beads inside the cage and no way that sucker is opening up without cutting the head pin. Am I a jewelry geek? Maybe so. I love this stuff…

Don’t want to mess with it? Find it here.

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2 Responses to Caged Heart

  1. Karen Allen says:

    Don’t ya just love it when you have one of those creative AHHH moments? 🙂 The piece is finished and you sit there gazing at it savoring the feeling of satisfaction. It’s a beauty Charlene!

    Now you’ve got me wanting to tackle some of the unique buys silently sitting in a zillion containers and drawers patiently waiting to be adorned.

    • Charlene says:


      Go for it, I’d love to see what you come up with. I too have a serious bunch of stuff waiting to be made up, countless sketches, magazine pages ripped out… We will get there, we will.

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