Rhinestone and Image Earring Findings

Since forever ago I have wanted to use earring findings that had rhinestone chain around the edge and an image in the center. Because how could you not want to do this? I realize they are not all gritty and ethnic and dark like my regular stuff but I like them. OK.

I was able to make what I wanted by using resin. I reduced the bird images on my Mac and cut them out with a regular hole punch. By regular I mean a hole punch that would make a hole that would fit in a three-ring binder. I glued them down and cut a piece of rhinestone chain to fit. Then I poured resin to hold it all together. Sweet. I can’t wait to add beads and turn these bad boys into a pair of hopefully gorgeous earrings.

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2 Responses to Rhinestone and Image Earring Findings

  1. Karen Allen says:

    Who said gritty, ethnic and dark was a bad thing? šŸ˜‰ I’m looking forward to seeing the finished earrings.

    • Hi Karen,

      Certainly not me because they are favorites. I guess adding a little sparkle doesn’t hurt. It’s just that sometimes I worry that I am working in too many styles. I have reigned it in a lot, but it still happens.

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