How we celebrate Valentine’s Day

I guess it was about four years ago when the tradition started. My boyfriend and I wanted to go out to dinner for Valentine’s Day and every restaurant we went to had lines out the door and a jam packed parking lot. We drove around and around and it was the same everywhere. I could sense the frustration coming over him. We passed a casual sandwich place that was pretty empty and I said, let’s eat there. The look of relief that came over his face is the best Valentine’s Day gift I have ever gotten to this day. We went and had a quiet simple meal and enjoyed each other’s company and the stress was forgotten.

So now, our tradition is to keep it low key, stress free and enjoy some time and a simple meal together. Tonight was just as wonderful as that first night. Love you babe.

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2 Responses to How we celebrate Valentine’s Day

  1. Chris says:

    Tonight was even better.

  2. Jackie says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you!! My hubby and I have been doing that for years. We got tired of trying to find a place and/or waiting in line then being rushed so they can move another couple/party to our table. We enjoy a small uncrowded, un-rushed nice quiet dinner.

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