Fabric Bundle Beads

These just seem right for the piece I am working on. They are made of steel, muslin, and embroidery thread. Here’s how the wire core looks.

Seems all innocent in this photo. I tear strips of the muslin; I love that it is a humble fabric. I wind it around the wire pieces. Twisting the fabric when working near the center of the wires creates the hump in the center of the finished beads.

Then I stitched and wound embroidery floss and sealed them with fray check. They are going with one of the pendants in this post. Still don’t know what is next.

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3 Responses to Fabric Bundle Beads

  1. Karen says:

    Two questions if you don’t mind sharing 🙂 #1 did you twist the wire yourself? #2 if yes what gauge are you using? Just curious 🙂 THANKS?

  2. animary says:

    Jean Campbell posted about your blog and these fabric bundle beads, and I came right over!
    I wanted to use some denim for an upcoming jewelry project and your design is very inspiring.

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