Etched Book with Junk on the Spine

This is the front cover of the book I made in Jen Crossley’s etched book class at Art and Soul last week. I am madly in love with it. I’ve been a follower of Jen’s blog for some time now and the chance to take a class with her was so exciting. She was great in the classroom; all of the students finished their books, Jen kept the atmosphere fun and low-key and it all just felt good.

Here’s the spine with all the junk on it – stuff from my stash and stuff Jen had in packs for each student. We did a version of the coptic bookbinding stitch that was new to me – one that allowed for an odd number of bindings unlike the two-needle method I learned at Penland that only allows for even numbers. Always nice to have another tool in the arsenal.

And, here’s the back. The front cover was etched using a stamp that Jen had. The back cover was one of my recently acquired stamps. It is from an old ledger book and I love it. You will be seeing jewelry with this design on it my friends.

I want to make more books, especially tiny ones that can be necklaces. This book is 3.5 x 2.5 inches. Seriously between etching and resin, anything in this house that isn’t nailed down is in trouble.

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5 Responses to Etched Book with Junk on the Spine

  1. Always nice to have a new tool in the arsenal.

  2. bren4you says:

    Totally cool! Would love to be able to do that. I’m from Virginia Beach, BTW!

  3. Jen Crossley says:

    It was so lovely meeting you at Art n Soul your book looks amazing.Hope you meet again

  4. very cool. Love it. So much that i am slightly offended by “junk.” Trinkets. talismans. found objects. mystery objects. recycled treasures. give it the value that it deserves… it is, most emphatically, NOT junk!

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