Lovelies from France

I am a lucky girl. Really lucky. I read a lot of jewelry blogs and one of my favorites is Fanciful Devices. She recently put a forum on her blog for readers to talk to her and one another and someone suggested a supply swap. I immediately thought “I’m in”. Not that I need more supplies because y’all now most of us moved pass “need” a long time ago. I just thought it would be fun to send some of my stash off to a new home and to receive things from someone else.

So, I sent a box to the lovely Melinda from Washington State. Here’s her blog. Hopefully she’ll put up a post about what she received. Even more hopefully, I hope she liked at least some of it.

I received a package from Lucie in France. Here’s her Etsy shop, she makes kick ass metal jewelry and I doubt I’d have found out about her otherwise. Love, love her earrings. I wish I made them…

But I do get to play with a sweet stash of loot from France. You can see most of it in this photo. And she wrapped it so sweetly. Everything in little plastic bags rolled tightly so there was no bumping around or inappropriate touching while crossing the pond. Then the bags were taped shut with the prettiest decorative tape. I haven’t been able to bring myself to open up the last two little bundles they are so pretty. But I will, cause I have plans for most of this and can’t wait to show her some things I’ve made from what she generously sent me. Thank you Lucie!

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One Response to Lovelies from France

  1. lucietales says:

    This supply exchange chain is a fantastic idea and I’m glad you like what I’ve sent you.
    Yes, I’m a little maniac when it comes to packaging, because I so hate to receive something damaged during the mail 😉
    Looking forward to see what you’re up too with these!

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