Frenemies Necklace

I am only kidding by calling this the frenemies necklace because of the jagged edges of the crystal quartz. It would give a fremeny a little jab when she comes in for a fake hug and air kiss, but let’s play nice.

Seriously, my boyfriend bought this stone on a trip to Colorado. It is from Patch Mine, in Central City, Colorado. I’ve had it, and a few others, for a while – not really sure how to work with them. And I don’t know why. They are stones and I know how to make a bezel setting. Why I never thought to put the two together until now, I don’t know. But here they are and I love it.

I chose thick chunky chain, a large brass hook from a vintage belt, and amazonite oval. I need to look at the rest of the stones I have like this. This would have also made a serious two finger ring.

Here’s the whole thing –

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2 Responses to Frenemies Necklace

  1. I remember taking a couple hours one morning to pick out those stones. I think you did this one proud.

  2. Jen Crossley says:

    It looks amazing beautiful

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