Clip on Earrings

I’ve been adding clip on styles to the shop ever since a young lady begged me to convert a pair for her before Christmas. I really don’t know why I didn’t have them all along. My mother never pierced her ears and I know other women who either never pierced or find clip ons more wearable due to elongated holes.

Me – I wanted pierced ears ever since I could remember. My mother kept saying no. I would ask every Christmas, every birthday, Easter, Fourth of July, you name it. Finally she broke down when I was 11 and I got them pierced. I got second holes at 16 and third at 18.

I’ve been working on making more clip earrings and here’s why. I am petite, one of the so-called specialty sizes. My tall and plus size sisters in solidarity will know what I am talking about. We are the people many designers don’t want to design for; many stores don’t carry our sizes. And some of the stores that do appear to think that having a certain body size means any fashion forward cells left your brain decades ago. When I go in the very few stores with clothes I like in petites, it’s tough. You see almost a whole store full of regular clothes. And somewhere tucked in the back a handful of racks I can shop from.

So, I am working to give you gorgeous clip on ladies some options! I know how it feels when you don’t have them. For real.

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