Andrea Bacman Jewelry

I’d like to introduce you to Andrea Bachman Jewelry. Andrea is a member of the Etsy Treasury Team (I am too!) and she opened her jewelry shop around the time I did. I remember struggling in those days to get noticed on Etsy and Andrea included a piece of my jewelry in a treasury. I was so thrilled that I sent a thank you email and our friendship began.

Andrea’s jewelry has a classic signature look – intricate filigree with color added in a technique she developed and perfected. Andrea speaks of herself as an artist and goldsmith. She is currently living in the “Soho” of Tel Aviv but is originally from Argentina.

Andrea’s creations are made at her home studio and its clear that she pours passion into her work. Take a moment and look around her shop. She is my friend from the other side of the world.

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One Response to Andrea Bacman Jewelry

  1. andrea says:

    Fantastic Post!!!
    I just saw it : )!!!
    Thank you so much dear Charlene, all the best to you!

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