Patina and Metal

I have been interested in coloring and patination of metal for a long time. I remember many years ago buying some Jax Green Patina, putting in on some brass, waiting for color to develop, and it never did. At the time, I didn’t know if I had a bad batch, didn’t know what I was doing or just what was wrong. This was long before I began working seriously with metals, before I really learned their ways.

I now realize that my mistake was not preparing the brass surface properly. It probably had machine oil, my fingerprints and who knows what else on it. It was not ready to receive the patina.

Well as you can tell from the photo, here many years later I have gotten the Jax Green Patina to work just fine. All it took was proper preparation of the metal and me taking the time to learn to use the product. I love how these bohemian verdigris earrings turned out. Next, I want to get a bright blue patina on brass or copper.

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One Response to Patina and Metal

  1. Jackie says:

    Very nice, Charlene, I love that color!

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