Snake in Half

This is one of those cases where you work with what you have and act like it was what you meant. My original idea was a pair of etched copper snake earrings. I used Sherri Haab’s electro-etching technique. It is a very clean method of etching compared to ferric chloride. The problem I have with it (and it could be user error) is a lot of fails getting the resist to stick to the metal.

That’s what happened here. I got two partial snakes. I know I could have used acetone to remove the resist and started over. But when I saw that it almost looked like the snake was cut in half, I decided to keep going with it. If I didn’t tell, would you have guessed?

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2 Responses to Snake in Half

  1. Karen Allen says:

    Half snake or whole…they are the best looking snakes I’ve ever seen 🙂

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