Butterfly Cuff Bracelet


This has been one of those pieces that was way, way harder than it looks. I got the idea to do resin images on bracelets. It is ever so easy to envision something and quite another thing to make it. The first stumbling block came in trying to figure out exactly how to pour the resin and attach the image. Simply pouring the resin and then glueing it down did not seem right – there would be edges that could easily peel up.

So I decided to go with a metal frame to secure the image. I made the first metal frame and realized how hard it was to get it and the cuff bracelet to align for drilling. Couple more bracelets in the trash and then I worked that out.

Next problem, getting holes in the resin image and getting it all to line up right. A few stumbles, more pieces in the trash, and then success. I am so happy to finally have one cuff bracelet to show you. Does it look easy? It really was not. Off to start on the next one.

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2 Responses to Butterfly Cuff Bracelet

  1. Chris says:

    I like the way the bolts are highlighted against the bracelet. The piece looks great, makes the missteps worthwhile.

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