Textured Brass Rings

This is a first for my shop. I have never sold rings before. I guess it seemed like a lot of trouble because they must have an exact fit. Unlike earrings, necklaces, and most bracelets. But when I stopped to think about it, I already had everything I needed to make rings except ring mandrels. So, I purchased two of them, one in whole sizes and the other in half sizes and I have rings in my shop at long last.

These are textured, darkened brass and I love the rusticness of them (spell check is unhappy with rustiness and keeps wanting it to be rustiness, spell check get over yourself). I’ll try to get these going and then add other styles when I can.

Don’t you love the photo? How it has just the right amount of shimmer and light to make the rings look divine? It was taken by the talented Rachel Hayes. I need to just pay her to come to Virginia for a week and work her magic on a bunch of my stuff. I’ll put her up and feed her good food.



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