Breakfast in Paris

Most mornings, this is what we ate. That’s my cup of coffee with a gorgeous dollop of steamed cream. At first, the French coffee tasted too strong, too almost smoky for me. But by the end of the trip, I actually started to like it and would love to be able to make it for myself here. The croissants and baguettes, fantastic from the start. So amazingly good. Why don’t we have them here? Real ones. Not fake ones that look like the real thing but don’t deliver.

I will go ahead and tell you now that the French do not have any where near the level of obesity that we have in the US. I will also say that I never saw any artificial sweeteners on the table at any restaurant we went to. Sugar only, either in cubes or in packs. No pastel colored packets of various chemicals to ward off the calories. Just plain sugar.

Our apartment was in a French neighborhood and it had a small bakery where people went every morning to get their breakfast on the way to work. It was a lovely place and two women worked behind the counter. There was a pleasant flow of people in and out. Until we got there.

It would all come to a crashing halt as we tried to order. Yet, once again, the women were patient, helpful, and intent on serving us despite the back up in the line and disruption we had caused. Merci! It was much appreciated.

There was one day where I wanted something warm in my stomach for breakfast and we found a little bistro that had eggs on the menu. Where we stayed in Paris there were so many little restaurants to choose from, all within walking distance. The entire time I was there, I saw three fast food chain restaurants. Three.

Anyway, back to breakfast. I ordered eggs, potatoes, and cheese. The man who waited on us seemed like the owner and he said they had no potatoes. I was OK with it. Next thing I know he is on the phone and I hear a lot of French and something about potatoes. After a while, a lovely bowl of scrambled eggs arrived with a plate of potatoes cooked beautifully. The baguette was also there. And after a bit more, cheese arrived. A wonderful plate with wedges of four different cheeses. I never saw plastic wrapped “cheese food” slices the entire time.

I am trying to take this all in. Trying to figure it all out. Wondering why we have so little real food in US supermarkets. Wondering why the US government won’t require GMO’s to be labeled. Wondering how to eat just a little bit better given where I am and what I have access to.

Another thing, and then I will get off my soapbox. I did not see many people drinking sodas.

On the negative side, just to balance it out. Smoke and pee. More about that later.

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2 Responses to Breakfast in Paris

  1. The food looks delicious! And I love your observations about living not so much… French… as living simply. I think sometimes we can muck up our lives by overcomplicating things… like GMOs, artificial sweeteners, or extra plastic wrap. Seems like eliminating the extra has allowed them to focus on the importance of community, service, and hospitality. But… I’m interested to hear more about the pee and smoke. 😉

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