Vanves Market

One of the things I wanted to do in Paris was to find old stuff that I could use in my jewelry. But before I go into that, let me back up a minute. The trip was arranged by Kate McKinnon who asked me what I wanted to do and made sure all of it happened. Sweet, right?

Everyday she planned out an itinerary and sent a subway map showing us how to get to the destination for that day. Here’s the map to the Vanves Market.

The Vanves Market was a treasure trove of wonderful collectibles, vintage, antique, and bizarre items. And seriously, if I had the ability to send a steamer trunk home, I would have done major damage. Like an old French country table, large pieces or art, serving ware, stuff like that. But, I kept it small and the first photo shows my treasures from the market. Yes, I have been hacking on the ruler; it was fully intact when I purchased it. Be on the lookout for ruler earrings.

Here’s Chris looking all Parisian in his new French clothes and little bit of scruffy beard. He was fascinated by the old books, maps, and tools.

And here are some of the sights at the market.

Old fur stoles, the ones with the heads and feet still attached. My mother had one and it freaked me out. I do not wear fur, but do have memories of her stole.

Colorful pieces of leather.

A torso, because somebody just might need one. Yep.

Toy cars.

Some funky nasty Barbie dolls. This must have been the skank ho Barbie meet up. Dang!

And it was social. Vendors and regulars played cards, dominoes, or just sat and talked. It was communal in spirit and full of life. I am so grateful to have gone there. I just wish I has a way to get more stuff back!

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5 Responses to Vanves Market

  1. I loved reading this post. Your words and photos brought back vivid memories.

  2. windbent says:

    Wish I could go back!

  3. Catherine says:

    Can you please tell me what sort of cross the dark blue one in the center is? TIA

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