My Mother’s Name

I was an adult when it happened; I don’t remember the year. For some reason my mother needed her birth certificate. When she got it, she realized that her legal name wasn’t what she knew her name to be. The birth certificate said Rebecca Romaine and she knew her name to be Rebecca Lomaine. She was pretty relaxed about it and figured that it was just the bad handwriting of the country doctor who delivered her. She did go to court and legally change her name to Rebecca Lomaine.

Funny how something you know to be true about yourself, something so basic as your name, turns out not to be true. What is true? I will tell you this. My mother was smart, beautiful, talented, hard working, honest, steadfast, loyal, and so very loving.

This is a picture of my mother and my older sister before I was born. They are both beautiful. That much is true too.


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