I got on my work bench yesterday and got some metalwork done. I made two pair of these earrings and I think four more pair of the long earwires. Because of health problems, I have struggled to make certain types of jewelry. I haven’t done much metalwork, my kiln has not been fired up in ages, and I haven’t etched anything in a while. So it felt good to have tools in my hand and get something done.

It saddens me when I think how hard I fought to learn the metalworking skills I have. It would be devastating to lose them. Many of us who work with our hands fear losing the ability. I have a dear friend who can no longer make jewelry because of arthritis. It is heartbreaking. I have a little bit of arthritis in my hands and over the past couple of years have shifted how I worked to offload whatever can be done with a tool. Purchasing the bench shear cut out a lot of hand sawing. Holding the saw and sawing by hand feels good, but I have to be careful. Other health problems have kept me off the workbench. I now need to fight to get back on. Like, right now would be good.

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