Insufficient Tear Pools

I had my annual eye doctor appointment today. I have bad vision and eye care is really important to me. Sometime during the past few months, I noticed that my left eye gets a little teary. I was sitting there waiting for the eye doctor, wondering if I should mention it. You hate to bring up something that is either trivial beyond belief or leads down a path of countless tests, misery, and angst. But then again, I was at the eye doctor’s and if ever there was a time to mention a change in my eyes, this was it.

So, I told her. She said it was a sign of dry eyes, even though it seems to contradict that. She examined my eyes with those bright lights they move around while telling you to look at their ear or something and said I have insufficient tear pools. I am supposed to have a certain amount of tears at the bottom of my eyes, and I do not. I did not know I was an underachiever in the tear production area, but there you have it. I am.

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2 Responses to Insufficient Tear Pools

  1. But you overachieve in lots of other areas

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