Artsy Party

I participated in the Artsy Party show today at the Hampton YMCA. The show ran from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. 8:00 am? Yep. I questioned it too, had to set the alarm clock like I was going to work, but after attending the show, I understand. There are folks, lots of them, that get up early and get their workout on.

Here’s a bit of my display. I kept it simple, very straightforward pricing that I could do on signs instead of having to price each and every piece. It was a good show. I am particular about the shows I do and I would do this one again. It was super organized. When Chris and I walked up to the front door, there were dollys and hand trucks ready for people to use. The show staff allowed us to pre-order lunch and it was delivered by two lovely young women. The staff checked in on you. Help was there if you needed to leave your spot to use the restroom. Super organized. Thank you Kathy!

And, I got to meet some other Etsy folk.

Nafanyafelt was there. Goodness gracious, getting to look at those scarves in person was a treat. So soft, almost like clouds, some of them. And she was a dear, just lovely.

LifeScooped, with her gorgeous bunting. So well made and so very pretty.

Holly from GrainForm, with her amazing hand painted pendants hung off sterling silver chain. We were neighbors at the show. She and her husband, both so very friendly.

Mike’s gorgeous chain maille. He actually made a fabulous chain maille bracelet for Holly’s husband while we were sitting there. I don’t do chain maille, but seriously respect those that do.

Heather Donis, artwork that spoke to me with it’s rustiness and bold brush strokes.

So, that was my day today. I don’t do a lot of shows, but I like doing ones that work with what I can handle. I like getting feedback from the public, like the interaction. Today was especially nice with such lovely neighbors.

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