Getting There

Chris and I went to my sister’s house in South Carolina for Thanksgiving. I had never been to her house and was looking forward to seeing her, her family, and other family members, but not looking forward to the drive down.

We left early Thanksgiving morning and around lunchtime, we were looking for something to eat. Not much was open. Which really is good because holidays need to mean something, people need some time with their family and friends. But also really bad, because it meant crapola for lunch.

We found a McDonald’s. I have not eaten at a McDonalds in I guess over 5-6 years. It was all dressed up inside. Here’s the fireplace and flat screen TV. Cause you want to relax by a fire and watch TV at McDonalds.

There was a fake waterfall too.

Does any of this matter more than the food? And about the food. Bad. Really bad. Like I hated that the taste was in my mouth an entire hour after, bad. Cheap bad God knows how it was raised, God knows how it was prepared, bad. Bad.

But not as bad as the food we ate on the road up eastern shore to Chris’ last race. If you are easily grossed out, back away, don’t read any further. There just aren’t many places to stop at on the Eastern Shore – Hardee’s, McDonald’s, stuff like that. So we saw what looked like a local Italian joint and decided to give it a try. Big mistake.

We ordered and the food took forever to arrive. And it was bad. The kind of bad that food has when way too much different stuff has been cooked in oil that hasn’t been changed in a long time. That kind of bad. I ordered a chicken philly sub. OK, who is going to cook a chicken philly and not cook the onions, put raw onions on it afterwards. This place did. But, let’s move on past that.

I am sitting there eating and to my left on the table is a catsup bottle that is about 1/4 full. It looks like there is something in the bottle, but I ignore it. Then, I look again. There are fruit flies in the catsup bottle, trapped with the cap on. Some of the fruit flies got caught into the catsup and died. Others continue crawling around, apparently unaware to the threat that catsup poses to their species. And who put the lid on over this disaster?

At this point my skin was crawling. I threw out whatever food was left and got in the car to wait for Chris.

The fact that you are traveling does not/should not mean you want to eat crap. Maybe folks were right back in the day when they traveled with coolers and their own food.


Your host, whose blood pressure needs to come down from all of the salt and yearns for fresh, real food.

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