Thanksgiving 2012

I spent Thanksgiving at my youngest sister’s house in South Carolina. Here’s a little bit of my Thanksgiving.

A beautifully set table.

Rolls ready for the oven.

Ham. We also had turkey, meatballs, and smoked pork butt.

Miss college lady Cassidy.

A sleepy little boy.

Becky getting it just right.

Amanda playing air hockey.

Almost time to eat.

Love those desserts.

After dinner, watching the game.

The food was amazing and we had the best time. My oldest sister came up with two games for after dinner. The first one was to tell your most embarrassing or cheap story. The winner, judged by applause, won $20.00. It was hilarious and we all laughed and laughed at the funny stories. Cassidy won with her jitney story.

The second game was a family trivia game where my sisters asked about 15 questions. There were maybe 2/3 questions from my generation or older and the other 1/3 from the younger generations. It was fun and a nice way for us all to learn more about each other and about the past. There were two winners – one each from the older and younger generations. My younger sister and I tied with 13 questions correct. Danielle and Chucky tied with nine correct. It was wonderful.

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