Got it Done

Ruler Earrings BAC for Charlene Seiver Ruller Earrings 23

These ruler earrings are the first piece of jewelry I made with the stuff I brought back from France. Let’s look past the fact that I went in September and here we are in January and I’m just getting around to this. A minor detail.

I found this long folding metric ruler at Vanves Market and just had to have it. I asked the man how much it was and he said “quinze euro” and I look at Chris to see if he knew what that meant and he did not. So, we both walk away to discuss the issue at hand. Cause I wanted the ruler. I just didn’t know how much to pay the man. We went back and I handed him 20 euros. I figured he would look at me like I was crazy if that was too little or give me change if it was too much. I ended up getting change back and have on my list to learn French numbers before I go back.

However, I did learn how to ask for a dressing room in France, so at least one base is covered.

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4 Responses to Got it Done

  1. Quinze euro… It sounded kind of like “ka unh” to me. Either way, mission accomplished and the end result was worth the wait.

  2. It looks like the language confusion was well worth it! These earrings are wonderful!

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