Simplifying Things

Live Simply Pendant DSCF72621

In late 2010, I opened my bead and jewelry supply Etsy shop. In June of 2011, I opened my jewelry Etsy shop. And then in March of 2012, I lost my mind temporarily and opened a third Etsy shop for resin pendants. I thought I could handle it. I thought it would be just fine. And it was, for a while.

I have now realized that it is too much, at least for me. The bead shop is no longer active. I may add a destash section to the jewelry shop sometime mid-2013 to move some beads and supplies. Maybe, maybe not. We will see. I am now working on consolidating those resin pendants and earrings that fit into the aesthetic of the jewelry shop – loose interpretation of “fit” is OK with me at this point.

Sometimes it is just hard to envision the results of a choice until you live with them. That is what happened here. I am thinking that for me, even if I end up with one giant shop filled to the brims, if it allows me to live a little bit more simply, it is the thing to do. And I need that right now.

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