Little Bits of Chain

Tribal Chain Earrings BAC for Charlene Seiver Chain Earrings 12


I use a lot of chain and sometimes there are little pieces left over. I save them. Cause you know how it is with us crafty people – we save stuff if it has any possibility of being able to be made into other stuff. My little pile of chain bits kept growing and I really had no idea what to do with them. I wasn’t worried (and I worry a lot); I figured an idea would come sooner or later.

And one did. I made these earrings with pewter posts and bits of leftover chain. I still have more chain, but this is at least a start. What do you do with your leftover bits of chain?

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4 Responses to Little Bits of Chain

  1. windbent says:

    I just bought more broken bits of chain…so I guess I am your target audience. LOL

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