Scales, Weighing and Remembrance

Scale LargerI ship a lot of orders and I love having the ability to print postage at home and drop the packages in a USPS blue box. A scale is an important part of this process. I use scales that belonged to my father. It has been 15 years since he passed and to this day, I do not know how to reconcile his loss. Using things that he used helps. So, this is the larger scale. I don’t use it as often as the smaller scale since my stuff is pretty lightweight.

Scale Smaller


Here is the smaller scale that I use more often. He had diabetes and used it for his food. I guess all this post is really about is I miss you Dad and I am glad I have some of the things that were important to you here with me.

Love eternally,



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2 Responses to Scales, Weighing and Remembrance

  1. Kathi Jablonski says:

    HI Charlene, I can relate. My Dad passed away in April of 1997, and I still miss him. I still keep his hard hat with pencil and work boots in the boot box at the back door, where he left them.

    • Hi Kathi,

      It is always good to hear from you, even if it is a difficult topic. It is so hard to cope with the loss of a parent. I think your keeping his things where he kept them is a lovely tribute.

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