Branding, Moving On and Change

I changed the name of my business three times. My very first jewelry business was called The Everyday Earring Company. All I made was earrings. Looking back, some of them were not great (OK, maybe even bad), but you gotta start somewhere.

Then I wanted to make necklaces and earrings and all of a sudden, the name did not work. I was so crazy about beads that I renamed my business The Bead Dreamer. I worked under that name for many years. I had a logo, business cards, website, blog, earring cards, necklace tags, Twitter account, all the stuff needed to brand and market my business. All was good until…

I moved on once again. And got into metal, wire, enamel, etching, image transfer, and other things. I remember the moment distinctly. Chris and I were in the car driving back from Myrtle Beach and I said the words out loud – maybe The Bead Dreamer is not the right name for my business.

It was one of those “oh crap” moments – you know when the right answer comes to you but you don’t want to actually do it yet. I thought about all I had worked so hard to achieve – my website, my blog, over 3,000 followers on Twitter, all of it, and thought – how can I walk away from all I have worked so hard for?

Maybe a year passed before I could accept the idea. My business is now called Charlene Sevier. I can make anything I want. If I ever get married, he needs to get with the program and be happy with me being Charlene Sevier. Cause I ain’t changing it. Mr. Sevier sounds good, don’t you think?

I began making the change, set up shop on Etsy as Charlene Sevier and began the process of moving on. I dropped Twitter. I made a business Facebook page. I created a new blog – this one, and began taking steps to move forward.

This past December, I did a show and realized I was still in transition – somewhere between The Bead Dreamer and Charlene Sevier. I had a mix of branding that I am now working to correct. I’ve got a new logo, I’m working on business cards, labels, and other things I need for this brand. I will get it together and have a cohesive brand. And it will last as long as it is right for me.

The moral of this story is, if you have outgrown where you are and moving forward feels scary – just take one step. It will all be OK.

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3 Responses to Branding, Moving On and Change

  1. I think that proves that we are always in transition Charlene, striking out to improve, enlighten and to get it right, eventually — all the while, enjoying the journey.

  2. ardenttie says:

    Most true artists that I’ve met never stop transitioning. They keep changing and morphing and becoming what they dream. So, stay the course! And be gentle with yourself, as you continue to grow and fly higher!

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