Kiln Time

Enamel Photos IMG_07362

Here’s my trusty kiln. It has been a while since I fired it up. Why? Letting other stuff get in the way. Wondering where I was headed with it. Little bit of not being sure what was next. Oh we have a million reasons, don’t we?

I fired it up for the first time in a long time on Saturday. It was like an awkward first date. I had to get to know it all over again. Had to get into the flow and groove of firing enamel. Saturday was a stumbling, getting acquainted day. Some stuff you gotta just get past.

Enamel Photos IMG_07351

Sunday was a little bit better. Here are some of my enamel sifting tools after being rinsed. My goal right now is just to experiment. I don’t need to do anything right or perfect. I don’t need to make any finished pieces. I just need  to stretch and try; failing is OK.

Enamel Photos IMG_07393


Here are a few pieces I am experimenting with. I’ve tried using rubber stamps, enamel crayons, enameling over raw copper, transparent enamels over white, silver foil, enameling copper with fire scale, and more. I’m learning to layer, to blend, to mix things up. And after starting out stiff and unsure; the past two days have found me just wanting to try things. The desire to be “perfect” can totally screw with creativity. It needs to go. Anyone need a new house mate?

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