Buying Enough Beads

ChevronTrading DSCF0309


Whoa! I bet you never thought that would be a problem, right? But, for me, at times, it has been. It’s hard not to want a little bit of this and a little bit of that when faced with the fabulous selection at a good bead store like Chevron Trading Post and Bead Co. in Asheville, NC. And staying mindful of the running tally so the total at the register does not cause heart failure is prudent.

However, a problem I have had at times is not purchasing enough of certain beads. I mean, a single 16 inch strand can only go so far. It can make a gorgeous necklace when supplemented by other beads in complimentary and contrasting tones. But a two, three, or four strand necklace? Multi-strand bracelet? Hard to pull off without enough beads to create a cohesive design. A small collection with two or three earring, necklace, and bracelet designs using the same beads? Ain’t gonna happen.

This is the stash I got at Chevron. I love that every single thing I got can work together. Love the muted tones. But, did I get enough…

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5 Responses to Buying Enough Beads

  1. windbent says:

    Love Chevron…always try to go there when I’m in the area. I like Beads and Beyond too.

  2. Kathy Lindemer says:

    Thanks for reminding me of this bead shop! I might be in the area this Fall. They do have wonderful beads. My husband even enjoyed their comfy sofa and music.

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