Book Review: Sweet and Simple Jewelry

Sweet Simple Jewelry

This has to be one of the cutest books ever. Absolutely adorable. While the book contains some beaded jewelry, the primary focus is on jewelry made from other materials. There are 32 projects using 10 techniques, all of which are covered with photos and instructions.

There are templates for projects where required; they can be copied from the book so you can make the designs more than once or begin altering the templates to start to branch out with your own designs.

Some of the materials used include felt, shrink plastic, fabric scraps, button, feathers, and beads. Techniques like embroidery, making flower cabochons, making wrap bracelets, and basic wire working are presented in a clear and concise manner.

This book is perfect for the bead jewelry maker seeking to  work with different popular  materials. It is also a great resource for those working with felt, fabric, and embroidery who wish to augment their primary line of work with related jewelry. Scraps from  larger pieces are ideal for jewelry projects. You know how we crafty folks can be – hate to throw out anything that can potentially be used. So, dig through your scraps, odds and ends and try a fun jewelry project different from what you may have done before.

Sweet Simple Jewelry 2Lastly, it is very nice to see other Etsy artisans featured in the book; with a brief bio for each contributor.

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