To Renew or Not to Renew

Bangle Bracelet Trio

This question rolls around every four months for anything on Etsy that has not sold. And when you’ve got shops as big as mine are, something expires just about everyday. Most of the time, I go ahead and renew. I may tweak the titles, tags, change the lead photo,  or if I’m feeling energetic and have time, take a new photo or two. But still, I renew.

This past week I’ve been looking harder at the expired items and for each item, really asking myself  – it is good enough or does it need a makeover.  Or even more extreme, a complete overhaul; a take apart and re-do. Fortunately, most items pass muster, I click renew and they get four more months on the Etsy front lines (or back alley depending on ye old relevancy algorithm).

But, I am starting to pull some pieces and rework them. This bangle bracelet, for example. I had a wire bangle bracelet period where I made a lot of them. A lot. This is one of those designs where it is more efficient to make a lot, assembly line style, than to make just one or two. And the design uses up odd beads where you’ve only got a very small amount. Always a positive.

Mauve Bangle Bracelet

It looked lonely and needed other bangles in related colors to join forces with it. I made a memory wire bracelet with gold-lined matte pink seed beads. And another with a strip of sari silk and fresh water pearls. I like the three of them together and think the new design offers the wearer more style and options. Each bracelet can be worn separately, and the original bracelet was not harmed in this experiment.

So, what expires tomorrow and whatever shall I do with it?

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One Response to To Renew or Not to Renew

  1. katemckinnon says:

    Your pieces are so elegant!

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