Book Review: Beads in Motion

Beads in Motion

Motion can be fascinating. I love kinetic art and think that the metal spinner rings and bracelets, which are popular, are beautiful and just plain fun. I’ve always loved slider bracelets and other types of moveable jewelry too. I have to admit that it has never occurred to me to combine bead weaving and motion. When I saw Marcia DeCoster’s new book, Beads in Motion, I thought – brilliant.

After introductory chapters covering tools, supplies, and fundamentals, the book is divided into chapters based on type of jewelry – earrings and rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Each chapter has several projects with materials lists and detailed illustrations and instructions.

A variety of bead weaving stitches are covered – peyote, netting, and right angle weave to name a few. The fundamentals chapter covers the basic bead weaving stitches needed to execute the projects.

The book ends with a stunning gallery of work and a bio of the fabulous Marcia DeCoster. The book’s byline is “24 Jewelry Projects that Spin, Sway, Swing and Slide” and it lives up to that in every way.

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  1. Did you decide to start reviewing books again?

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