Mild August Days

Aug 1

The past three days have been amazing, especially for mid-August around here. It’s normally hot with high humidity. We’ve had this spell of less humid, cooler weather. Cool enough to sleep with the windows open. Humidity low enough that your hair acts right.

It won’t last. But I think everyone is savoring it while it does.

Here’s a bit of what is going on in my yard. The lantana is bushy and in full bloom. Butterflies, bees and small yellow birds love it. I have seen a small yellow bird eat quite a few flowers, enough to make me wonder if that’s where its yellow came from.

My crepe myrtle, below, is also at its peak. Both of these plants are troupers, able to not just withstand drought and blistering heat, but to not even droop when going without water for a while. I’d like to propagate the lantana, it does that well in my yard. It dies down completely in late fall so it’s out of the way for cleaning up leaves, then bounces right back late spring. I’ll have to make some cuttings. I love plants that either stick around or come back every year. This business of replanting the flowers every year is not for me.

Aug 2

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3 Responses to Mild August Days

  1. I love the way the bark of the pine tree has a green tint matching the grass and lantana. Moss or illusion?

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