Photo Backlog

Photo Backlog

It’s been an issue for a while. I have this backlog of jewelry I need to photograph and get listed. Here’s the tray with the backlog. I whittle away at it piece by piece. Like eating something that gets bigger in your mouth instead of smaller.

Used to be, I had a flow to each week. Thursday was photography day. I had a box I put pieces in during the week and then on Thursday, they all got their photos. I listed them during the following week. Life was, if not good, well it had calmness and a certain order.

Then, things got out of control. It started with the pendants. I would make 12-15 at a time. I made more and more and pretty soon there was a cookie sheet of pendants waiting for school picture day.

Well, I worked through that. No need to go into the details of exactly how, let’s move on. Things were semi under control for a bit. And then, I decided to remove my jewelry from a store that carried my work. No small decision and certainly no disrespect to the store. Moving on was right for me. But bring jewelry home from the store meant adding to the pile of items to be photoed.

And, I keep making (cause it is lifeblood to me) and I decide that some photos just aren’t good enough. And, oh well, you get it – more gets added to the pile.

I need like a photo fairy or cousin or something. ‘Till that happens, I guess I’ll keep working the pile.

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