Button Links

Amongst my various fixations, I have a thing for buttons. And I’ve had the idea to make button links in the back of my mind. So, tonight I thought I’d give them a try. In this case, I am using buttons that have four holes. The problem is the fact that there is no hole in the center and the four holes are too close together to drill a center hole, so I set out to find a way to create a centered link.

I started out with copper wire, my go to wire for experimentation. I took a long piece of wire, made a loop in the center, twisted it, put it through two of the button holes, all well and good so far. But then I tackled the other end, where things got ugly.

Button Links DSCF09581

On to idea #2 – sew thread through two sets of holes and knot it off to hold the button link together, then use an eye pin to attach the link to other components. This is one of those ideas that is better in the imagination than in reality.

Button Links DSCF09602

Next idea, use two eye  pins through two sets of holes and then use jump rings that pass through both sets of eye pins on each end. Once again, the first side went very nicely. When I got to the other side, there wasn’t enough space to hold the pliers to make a loop. I got a couple of poorly formed loops made and figured if the idea worked, I’d find a way  to make better loops. Well, once the second jump ring was added, the tension on the piece was such that neither jump ring would lie flat.

Button Links DSCF09613

This is where I decided, I need to be one with the buttons. I need to accept them as they are, they don’t have holes in the center and will not make centered links. Ahhhhhhh…

And here we are. Button links ready to be made into jewelry.

Button Links DSCF09644

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One Response to Button Links

  1. This is very cool and original, Charlene!

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