New Prop and New Stuff

Bangle Bracelet Stack


I am always looking for props and backgrounds to take jewelry photos on, usually without much luck. But, not this time. I saw this gorgeous mid-century Danish vase in Studiostebbylee’s vintage shop, thought it would work and the price was right. So, in the shopping cart it went.

I love the color, rusticness and feel of the wood. It looks great on my kitchen table and when it’s not sitting around being pretty, it’s earning its keep as a jewelry prop. I love how it looks with this bracelet stack and again with a pair of leaf veined gemstone earrings.

Leaf Earrings

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2 Responses to New Prop and New Stuff

  1. Scott Hayes says:

    I really like the color coordination of the earrings and you’re right, the wood piece is a very complimentary display. Rock on

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