Ant Mail

I didn’t have any ant pictures, so Mr. Beetle will have to do.Blue Beetle Pendant DSCF43461

I came home from work the other day, went to the mailbox, and pulled out the usual assortment of large political ads, catalogs, actual mail I needed to deal with, and other various and sundry items that arrive via the US Mail.

When I lifted up the larger catalogs on the bottom – yikes! There was a giant mound of ants carrying or laying or doing something with ant eggs. I screamed and dropped the mail all over the street and driveway.

After I calmed down, I went over, picked up the mail that I needed to deal with by the teensiest corner I could and shook off the ants. I got a paper towel and picked up everything that could go straight to the trash. I set the mail I needed to go through on a stool in the garage. I needed the general ickiness of the situation to dissipate and figured I would deal with it later.

Later came as it always does; with disposable gloves on, I went to deal with the ant mail. I went to the garage, looked at the stool where I set the mail – no mail. I look around in case it got moved – no mail. So, I call Chris.

Me: Where is the ant mail?


Him: I put it in the recycle bin.

Me: What? (said loudly)

Him: Well, it was ant mail.

Me: Yes, but I still needed to deal with it.

Him: It should be on the top.

Me: #%@* (said loudly)

Him: I guess that wasn’t the right thing to do…

Fortunately it was the recycle bin and not the trash. I got the ant mail out of the recycle bin, opened it with gloves on, shook out the contents, and then threw the envelopes and gloves out. The ant mail has been dealt with and all is calm, for now.

Chris hosed out the mailbox. I’ve scrubbed it out once and think I need to do it a second time for the heebee jeebees to be totally gone.

Ant mail is bad juju. Thank goodness it is gone.

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2 Responses to Ant Mail

  1. Sorry about that; I thought I was doing a good thing. I’m glad it was salvageable!

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