The Word “Raw”

Raw Copper Necklace


Interesting how people relate to the word raw. I made this necklace from a piece of raw copper that Chris gave me. I had never seen copper in its raw form and the organic shapes and mossy colorations intrigued me. I made a brass prong setting to hold the copper securely while acknowledging and affirming its humble, beautiful, natural state.

At craft shows, people have been interested in the piece. At one show I did, a lady picked it up and was looking at it, when I said it was raw copper, she dropped it like it was hot. I don’t know what connotations the word “raw” had for her; clearly not pleasant ones. I have no particular point to make, simply reporting an interesting observation.

I love this piece, in all of its raw rustic beauty.

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One Response to The Word “Raw”

  1. If I had to pick a favorite piece, this would be it. Most jewelry is polished and dainty. This is raw, primal.

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