Pink Butterfly Bracelet

Butterfly Bracelet

This bracelet took some doing, but I think the results are well worth it. The butterfly focal point was a vintage brooch. I wanted to make a three strand bracelet using it, the question was how.

I knew I needed:

  • The brooch to be secured tightly
  • No loose parts that could be caught on clothing (like the antenna)
  • Smooth on the back with all of the construction work completely covered
  • Pathways for  three strands of beading wire

I snipped off the brooch workings and secured the butterfly to stiffened felt using glue and  wire. I stitched a smooth faux leather backing to the front using tiny beads and tiny stitches. This allowed me to stitch the antenna down. While doing the stitching, I captured the beading wire where I wanted it.

Oh, that sounds so easy and tame. Doing it was difficult and there were points where I had to set it down and come back to it later.

Well worth the effort I hope you think.

Vintage Brooch Bracelet

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