Beaded Bracelet

Green Brown Bracelet

I’ve had the brown shell rectangle piece for quite a while. One of those pieces that you like, but don’t quite know what to do with it. I kinda thought I’d use it as a frame somehow but when I went to pull beads and components for this bracelet together, it seemed like the perfect thing to add to the bracelet design.

Except when you link to pieces that are long on the side like this, the links tend to move¬†around and end up where you don’t want them. Like smushed down together or in the corners. I solved it on one side by using two strands of beads. The beads are large enough to keep both strands fairly centered on the rectangle.

On the other side, I wrapped the cording around enough times to create a base and then used the wrapped cord to center the bead I added next. I think it came out very nice and I love how the green and brown colors came together.

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