Of Faces and Fairies

Face Charms

I love these! Handmade ceramic pendants and charms with faces pressed into them.

I was included in a treasury and was working on promoting it when I looked at one of the listings in the treasury and thought – are those faces? I clicked to get a larger view, they were indeed faces and added them to my shopping cart right then and there.

I love that they are similar but each unique. I love that they look like they were excavated from some long ago fairy civilization. I love the time and care that the maker put into each one of them. It is just obvious.

They were made by Midnightcoiler and she has other beads, pendants and charms in her Etsy shop. Everything has a wonderful earthy feel to it that I am drawn to. I’ll post photos once I get some pieces made up with them. I think the large face pendant will be first.

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2 Responses to Of Faces and Fairies

  1. Eileen says:

    They are lovely. I can see why you snatched them up without hesitation. Can’t wait to see what you ceate.

  2. jny_jeanpretty says:

    I agree with Eileen! 🙂

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