Druzy and Beady Links

Pink Druzy Necklace

Druzy seems to continue its popularity and I think the little pieces of gold trimmed loveliness are just wonderful. Sometimes I think all a piece of druzy needs is a simple chain. This time, I wanted to do more. I chose fresh water pearls in a purple gray color with hints of pink that accent the center stone.

I then transitioned to long ebony wood twist beads with the pearls interspersed. I think the wood grounds the piece. I have several other pieces of druzy to play with. Some have one link and others have two like this piece above. We’ll see what comes next.

Speaking of goodness, here are some beady links:

Makery Makings
Makery is a new book out published by Octopus Books full of a variety of crafting projects.

Art Bead Scene
Check out Ema’s new favourite tool – her wood-forming block for making curved metal components!

Resin Crafts
What could be cooler than miniature people at the beach?

Origami-Inspired Calling Card Holder Suits Gift or Credit Cards
This origami-inspired card holder had two large pockets on the inside and 2 “secret” pockets on the outside. It holds about 20 cards and fastens with an elastic ponytail holder.

Beading Arts
Cyndi has been experimenting with bead embroidery and metal mesh ribbon!

Beading Arts
Cyndi has been experimenting with bead embroidery and metal mesh ribbon!

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One Response to Druzy and Beady Links

  1. Great design. I have never thought of combining wood with pearls but it’s a wonderful idea.

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