Etsy Shop Updates

Voila_Capture 2015-09-26_08-13-08_PM

Etsy is prototyping a new feature called Shop Updates. I’m not too sure about the name but the gist of it is to show items in progress, being used, or as Etsy suggests – to tell a story.

Here is my first attempt at it. This is one of my sketch pads and the sketch of the earrings in the upper right hand corner. The ones with the giant orange “E” on them. Not too hard to notice, right?

You add the photo using the Etsy for Sellers app and then tag the item. Tagging makes the box on the righthand side appear. The app also prompts you to share on Twitter and all of the usual places.

I think it’s a nice idea. I’m not the best for finding impromptu moments that look fabulous when photographed. Hence the fact that this is staged. I will try to do better. Or not.

We’ll see if the idea catches on and more importantly brings viewers to the shop.

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4 Responses to Etsy Shop Updates

  1. jny_jeanpretty says:

    Dear Charlene,
    This is so cool and I never would have heard about it unless I saw it here on your site. I also LOVE your earrings featured! They are stunning!
    jean 🙂

  2. Eileen says:

    I like the concept. People seem very interested in how crafters and artists come up with ideas and bring them into being. TFS.

  3. Kathy Lindemer says:

    Thanks for the info Charlene.

  4. cyndilavin says:

    Interesting idea. I hope it works out for artists the way they hope!

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