Year End Upon Us

Yes, I have been a Polyvore fiend. Ever since Etsy got rid of treasuries, some of us are using Polyvore as an alternative. I’ve also been pinning (a lot); there is just such loveliness on Pinterest. I even created a Twitter account for my newest shop – 1141Memories. Enough about social media.

I’m thinking about where I want to take my Etsy shops in the new year. I want to shift my Beautiful by Charlene shop away from plated metals and use more sterling silver and gold filled. The shop I’m not quite sure about is my Charlene Sevier shop. I think it has lost its focus a little bit and I need to clearly define the types of jewelry and the overall aesthetic I want moving forward.

This creates the dilemma of what to do with the jewelry that no longer fits. I’ve created sale sections in both shops. I’ve donated pieces to some young ladies in my church that don’t have very much. I’ve taken some apart. Some is in the undecided zone.

I remember when I started the CS shop. I laid all of my jewelry out on the kitchen table and anything that did not fit the aesthetic I wanted, I removed. The shop got off to a great start and has done very well. But, somehow over the years, I tried this and that, meandered here and there. I’ll admit, sometimes I added things just to have more listings. Bottom line, the sharp focus is no longer there. I’m thinking a mood board might be the thing to help me refocus.

Once I have the new vision, I may just go back to the kitchen table.



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